Teaching your Monster to Read


Do you need to teach your monster to read? I’m here for you! I’ve taught one monster to read already and the next monster is almost ready to start! Why am I talking about Monsters, not kids? 

You must not be familiar with our amazing resource for your new reader – teachyourmostertoread.com is an awesome website that correlates with all of our Usborne First Reading Sets! 

This is my first reader at 4 years old, where has time gone. Shes now an 8-year-old bookworm #missionaccomplished

Pirate Pat

 “I believe the strongest feature is that the first 7 books have you partner a child and adult up to read them together.” – Teachers’ Choice Award comment

We have Three Reading Sets, and I’m going to go over some details and help you find the right one for your family.

Start to Read Pack 

  • 8 Phonics Readers
  • 4 reading levels and 2 books at each level
  • All books are adult/Parent guided
  • Activity Book and Parent Guide 
  • Recommended Ages 5+
  • Specifically created to go with teachyourmostertoread.com
  • Sticker Chart for recording phonetic progress

Usborne Very First Reading

  • 15 Books – 1 book for each level
  • All books are adult/Parent guided
  • Parent Guide
  • Recommended Ages 4-7 Years Old
  • Durable Board Books

My First Reading Library

  • 22 Very First Reading Series – These books are great for children who are learning to read. Each Book is parent guided and by the end of the 22 books, the child is reading on their own.
  • 12 books from First Reading Level 1 – For children trying to read on their own, funny stories that will keep their attention while also allowing them to read on their own. 
  • 16 Books from First Reading Level 2 – These allow your child to build stamina and reading confidence
  • Parent guide
  • Recommended for Ages 5+

Every book in each set has puzzles that allow for more reading practice, test reading comprehension and provide a fun activity for your child.

Have you ever taught a child to read? Learning to read is a huge milestone in a child’s life and education. We want to celebrate with you! Comment below and tell me your first memory of reading as a child, I would love to hear!